Large Ensemble

Gesualdo, Prince of Madness (in progress) - 70'
opera in 2 acts, libretto by Mitchell Morris
written for Opera Parallèle
excerpts and details can be found on the Gesualdo, Prince of Madness page

Engine Room (2013) - 15'
for 14 percussionists
written for Eugene Novotney and the HSU Percussion Ensemble

Suite: Pandora (2007) - 20'
for orchestra

Triskadekatet (2005) - 9'
for 13 players
live performance by an ensemble of UCLA students

Leader of the Pack (2002) - 11'
for solo trombone and chamber ensemble
live performance by an ensemble of UCLA students and Timothy Dueppen, trombone


Small Ensemble

You, Who So Well Know the Nature of My Soul... (2015) - 8'
for saxophone quartet and pre-recorded electronics
written for Noir Quartet

Grunge Factory (2014) - 11'
for violin, clarinet, double bass, piano, and percussion
written for the B Band

Wake the Dead (2012) - 12'
for piano trio
written for the Saguaro Trio

Mr. Distinguished (2011) - 10'
for violin, alto saxophone, piano, and pre-recorded electronics
written for Virginia Ryder, Cindy Moyer, and John Chernoff
recorded by What's Next Ensemble

Mechanical Fanfare (ver. 1 - 2006) - 5'
for trumpet, trombone, 2 percussion, and piano
live performance by an ensemble of UCLA students

Burlesca (2003) - 6'
for violin, clarinet, and piano
live performance by the Talea Ensemble

Nocturnal Emissions (2001) - 12'
for percussion, piano, and pre-recorded electronics

Solo Works

Four Years of Fog (in progress)
for 5-limit tuned solo piano,
written for Ryan MacEvoy McCullough

Parking in Cars (2015)
for solo trombone with pre-recorded electronics
written for Matthew Barbier for Synchromy

A System of Manliness (2014)
ver. 1 for solo piano or electric piano, and pre-recorded electronics
ver. 2 for 2 pianos or 2 electric pianos, and pre-recorded electronics

Get Down (2014)
for solo bassoon with pre-recorded electronics
written for Anthony R. Parnther

Drive-Thru Etudes
Book 1 - "Upland, CA" (2011)
Book 2 - "Arcata, CA" (2013)
Book 3 - "Santa Cruz, CA" (in progress)
for solo piano,
written for Ryan MacEvoy McCullough
details can be found on the Drive-Thru Etudes page

Single - Stoat/Crickets (2009) - 8'
for solo cello with live and pre-recorded electronics,
written for Carter Dewberry,
recorded for her album Origins

Piano Sonata No. 1 - "Arcata" (2007) - 15'
commissioned by Gloria Cheng and Piano Spheres
live recording by Ryan MacEvoy McCullough

Sonata (III) for Oboe - "Mass." (2007) - 7'
for solo oboe and percussion ostinato,
recorded by Laura Medisky for her album Personalities (available on Amazon)

Tiamat (2006) - 7'
for solo alto saxophone,
written for Nick Casillas

Icarus (2004) - 4'
for solo english horn,
written for Ryan Zwahlen,
recorded on his album In the City At Night

Moonsugar (2003) - 9'
for solo multiple percussion and pre-recorded electronics

Vocal Works

Happily After Ever  (in progress) - 60'
a three-act musical, text & lyrics by Beth Goldberg and Dante De Silva

A Year of Strife  (2015) - 20'
for soprano, harp, and live electronics
written for Lucy Fitz Gibbon

Rejuvenated Heart (2011) - 9'
for women's chorus and chamber ensemble
written for Lucik Aprahamian and Arizona Women in Tune
live recording can be purchased here.

Canzoni di Morte e Conquista - Libro I (2004) - 15'
for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, viola, cello, 2 percussion, and harp
live performance by an ensemble of UCLA students and Jacqueline Bezek, mezzo-soprano

Featured Works




Laura Medisky
(2012, Centaur Records)
performs Sonata (III) for Oboe - "Mass"



Carter Dewberry
(2009, Sondala Music)
performs Single - Stoat/Crickets


Ryan Zwahlen
In the City At Night
(2009, Liquid Ranch Records)
performs Icarus


The Definiens Project
Holidays with The Definiens Project
(2007, The Definiens Project)
performs 5 arrangements of Christmas Songs