Large Ensemble

Kill Switch (2017) - 8'
for concert band
written for Dr. Leo Sakamoto and the CSU Bakersfield Concert Band

Gesualdo, Prince of Madness (in progress) - 70'
opera in 2 acts, libretto by Mitchell Morris
written for Opera Parallèle
excerpts and details can be found on the Gesualdo, Prince of Madness page

Engine Room (2013) - 15'
for 14 percussionists
written for Eugene Novotney and the HSU Percussion Ensemble

Triskadekatet (2005) - 9'
for 13 players
live performance by an ensemble of UCLA students

Leader of the Pack (2002) - 11'
for solo trombone and chamber ensemble
live performance by an ensemble of UCLA students and Timothy Dueppen, trombone


Vocal Works

A Year of Strife  (2015) - 20'
for soprano, harp, and live electronics
written for Lucy Fitz Gibbon

Rejuvenated Heart (2011) - 9'
for women's chorus and chamber ensemble
written for Lucik Aprahamian and Arizona Women in Tune
live recording can be purchased here.

Canzoni di Morte e Conquista - Libro I (2004) - 15'
for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, viola, cello, 2 percussion, and harp
live performance by an ensemble of UCLA students and Jacqueline Bezek, mezzo-soprano

Small Ensemble

The Black Hours (in progress) - 30'
for piano, percussion, and electronics
written for Kontakte Duo

Evil Twin (2017) - 11'
for violin, viola, and live electronics
written for Aperture Duo (Adrianne Pope and Linnea Powell)

Hungry (2017) - 11'
for string quartet
written for Lyris Quartet for CPC III

You, Who So Well Know the Nature of My Soul... (2015) - 8'
for saxophone quartet and pre-recorded electronics
written for Noir Quartet

Grunge Factory (2014) - 11'
for violin, clarinet, double bass, piano, and percussion
written for the B Band

Wake the Dead (2012) - 12'
for piano trio
written for the Saguaro Trio

Mr. Distinguished (2011) - 10'
for violin, alto saxophone, piano, and pre-recorded electronics
written for Virginia Ryder, Cindy Moyer, and John Chernoff
recorded by What's Next Ensemble

Mechanical Fanfare (ver. 1 - 2006) - 5'
for trumpet, trombone, 2 percussion, and piano
live performance by an ensemble of UCLA students

Burlesca (2003) - 6'
for violin, clarinet, and piano
live performance by the Talea Ensemble

Nocturnal Emissions (2001) - 12'
for percussion, piano, and pre-recorded electronics

Solo Works

Mesokosomos (in progress)
for piano and percussion - 1 player
written for Danny Holt

Four Years of Fog (2016) - 24'
for retuned solo piano
written for Ryan MacEvoy McCullough

Liars and Sirens (2016) - 6'
for solo glockenspiel and electronics

Parking in Cars (2015) - 3'
for solo trombone with pre-recorded electronics
written for Matthew Barbier for Synchromy

A System of Manliness (2014) - 9'
ver. 1 for solo piano or electric piano, and pre-recorded electronics
ver. 2 for 2 pianos or 2 electric pianos, and pre-recorded electronics

Get Down (2014) - 8'
for solo bassoon with pre-recorded electronics
written for Anthony R. Parnther

Drive-Thru Etudes
Book 1 - "Upland, CA" (2011)
Book 2 - "Arcata, CA" (2013)
Book 3 - "Santa Cruz, CA" (in progress)
for solo piano,
written for Ryan MacEvoy McCullough
details can be found on the Drive-Thru Etudes page

Single - Stoat/Crickets (2009) - 8'
for solo cello with live and pre-recorded electronics,
written for Carter Dewberry,
recorded for her album Origins

Piano Sonata No. 1 - "Arcata" (2007) - 15'
commissioned by Gloria Cheng and Piano Spheres
live recording by Ryan MacEvoy McCullough

Sonata (III) for Oboe - "Mass." (2007) - 7'
for solo oboe and percussion ostinato,
recorded by Laura Medisky for her album Personalities (available on Amazon)

Tiamat (2006) - 7'
for solo alto saxophone,
written for Nick Casillas

Icarus (2004) - 4'
for solo english horn,
written for Ryan Zwahlen,
recorded on his album In the City At Night

Moonsugar (2003) - 9'
for solo multiple percussion and pre-recorded electronics




Laura Medisky
(2012, Centaur Records)
performs Sonata (III) for Oboe - "Mass"



Carter Dewberry
(2009, Sondala Music)
performs Single - Stoat/Crickets


Ryan Zwahlen
In the City At Night
(2009, Liquid Ranch Records)
performs Icarus


The Definiens Project
Holidays with The Definiens Project
(2007, The Definiens Project)
performs 5 arrangements of Christmas Songs