My recent works have been consciously based on autobiographical events, but they all have unconsciously contained darker themes of death, loss, and suffering. Evil Twin was originally going to follow that trend as it was initially titled Schism and based on the breaking apart of solid relationships. Instead, this piece is based on my longest friendship since 5th grade, which shouldn’t work because we don’t have too much in common on the surface, but does work very well for some reason.

This piece incorporates two pre-recorded samples (recorded by the performers) to be triggered during the performance. The samples, which symbolize the unpredictable nature of an evil twin, are somewhat manipulated by the performer, which causes the samples to not only stretch or compact in length, but also rise and lower in pitch. In the end, the performers are finally able to manipulate the samples and control the metaphoric Evil Twin.

Evil Twin was written for Aperture Duo – Adrianne Pope and Linnea Powell. When I first saw them play, I had to write for them… had to.

  • Instrumentation: violin, viola, and live electronics
  • Duration: 11 minutes
  • Written for Aperture Duo