Grunge Factory started when my friend Ben commissioned me to write a quintet with the idea that the piece would be appropriate for the clubs and bars as well as the concert stage – not an easy challenge. For inspiration on music for clubs and bars, I went only to my past when I was playing bars with my guitar. As a young lad, music didn’t really interest me until I started getting interested in the opposite sex. I didn’t get obsessed with music until the grunge movement of the early 90s. Bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains became the music that resonated with me in my youthful angst years. Grunge Factory is a nod to that era of music where screaming and headbanging, mixed with distorted guitar riffs, gave me the inspiration to learn how to play guitar, then major in music, then compose. So you can blame that on them.

  • Instrumentation: violin, clarinet, percussion, double bass, and piano
  • Duration: 11-12 minutes
  • Commissioned by: Ben Phelps and the B Band